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Developing and Managing Photo Archives

July 9, 2013

imagesWednesday 3rd July was the day when the various groups had a visit in the University to hear a member of the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency give a talk and a discussion on the above subject . It was given by Mr Toney Corey and was very, very informative . He ranged over all types of photographic material from glass negatives to digital media and all in between. Why some photos lasted better than others , what should we do with our digital material— don’t only download to one external hard drive but to two. Use acid free material at all times—not much more expensive than the run of the mill material , keep out of light if at all possible—all those old photos lasted because they did not see the light of day for years and we should do the same, when was the last time you opened your marriage album ?   Five years, ten years, twenty years, cant find it  they will probably be in pristine condition but that said if you want detail to last take the photographs in black and white if you are printing them.   Keep your photographs in TIFF files where they will not lose quality or sharpness no matter how often you print.035

Mr Toney Corey giving his talk and recommending two books for the photographer

A Century in Focus by W.A.Maguire

( Photography and Photographs in North of Ireland  1839-1939


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