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Near The End

September 24, 2013

imagesTime presses on and we are approaching the final part of our investigation and then we will have our various presentations to members of the public at various events and community projects. I am rushing ahead but before that we had a workshop at Queen’s University organised and presented by Dr Liz Thomas on Saturday 14th September on “Field Trip” which is a phone app from Google owned Niatic Labs which enables people to find sites of heritage that are off the beaten tract>.  It uses the latest smart phone technology  to pinpoint these places.  At the start it has to be pointed out that you cannot publish whatever you want as happens on Facebook . All items you want to publish, both written and photo, have to be approved by Google before they are allowed on the site. Whatever you write must be of academic publication standard. Therefore ,you need to reference the information you provide e.g. the name, date and page of the publication of an author from where you got the information or if it is from your own research, the name, of the person/persons who provided the information.

We had a walk around Queens and further afield to find sites which had already been accepted and to read what had been written so that when/if we decide to use the facilities provided (it is free) then we would have a clearer idea of what was acceptable.

Dr Thomas had two young post grad students who were of great help on the computer front in slowing us the way round the various columns on the application form and how these should be filled in to be acceptable to Google.  After a lot of trial and error we provided a resume of both the sites we are working on and these were sent for approval to Google. It does take a time as the people at Google check all the facts that we have provided that they are correct before publication.


Dr Liz Thomas with some of the participants at the University.



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