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The Presentation

November 20, 2013

imagesWe are near the end of our investigation of the townland of Kilcoobin and one of the last items on the agenda is a presentation to the local population of what we have found and what still has to be discovered. We were frustrated in not being able to fully investigate the chapel site due to restrictions being in place by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency because of the antiquity of the chapel and the surrounding area.  As I write this we have been given permission to have a ground radar investigation of the site and this may, at least , give us a better understanding of the site.

The presentation took place in the local Community centre on the 6th November and was very well attended ( 65-70 persons). The marine archaeology department of the university who gave us a lot of help both in advice and in the physicality of the investigation were in numbers at the presentation– Colin Breen, who gave a very in depth talk to all present on archaeology in general in Northern Ireland and about our site and the effort that had been put in by all who participated. Also present was Tom McErlean (Archaeologist) who has managed to get a ground radar investigation of the site for us which is much appreciated.  Mrs Gemma Reid who was the advisor between us and the University. and last but not least was Max Hope an enthuiastic member of the team.

We were pleased to also have a number  of members from Ballintoy Archaeological and Historical Society present who thought we did an excellent job. Mr Martin McDonald made the long trip from Belfast as a representative of the Lottery Fund who were responsible for the finance of the investigation and we are very appreciative of that as it would not have been able to have been undertaken without their help.

Rather that have a lot of speeches and a lot of writing we went for a presentation via banners ( roll up ) and the use of very large photographs with short and precise explanations to the side .(see photographs) . We decided on that form of presentations as they can be used by the local schools –  making it easier for young children to understand. All the banners and the photographs can be borrowed by any organisation for use .

Last and by no means least an excellent supper was provided by Mrs Juliet McMullan and helpers.



Community Centre ready for the arrival                                                                                                    Photographs with explanations on wall

All seats were occupied


  These are samples of the banners which were produced for use in explaining the townland ( seven were produced in total)




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